World Premier Champion Tenor

Classical FX is very proud of our tenor, Tim Augustin for many reasons.  While it is true that his singing of standards like Danny Boy can melt your heart and the 9 high C’s in Donizett’s Ah!, mes amis leave audiences stomping and cheering, that’s just one facet of his talent.  Next Wednesday evening, November 13, as part of The Kennedy Center’s American Opera Initiative, Tim will sing in 2 of the 3 twenty minute operas commissioned by Washington National Opera.  He appears as John Burns in Duffy’s Cut and the lead role of Inspector Henry Mathews in Uncle Alex.  All totaled, that makes seven World Premier roles for this member of Classical FX!!       

Duffy’s Cut
Composed by Jennifer Bellor
Libretto by Elizabeth Reeves
The ghosts of three immigrant Irish railroad workers—killed in a violent clash with local farmers as they fled a cholera outbreak at Duffy’s Cut, their Pennsylvania work camp—return to haunt Malachi Harris, the camp blacksmith charged with making sure that no trace of what happened at the site remains. Troubled by his conscience, Malachi must decide whether to carry out his orders or preserve some evidence of the incident.

Uncle Alex
Composed by Joshua Bornfield
Libretto by Caitlin Vincent
More than 12 million immigrants entered the United States through Ellis Island, with more than one million processed in 1907 alone. Set against the backdrop of this peak year, Uncle Alex tells the story of new arrivals Anna and Jacob Eingold as they navigate their final interview with an Ellis Island inspector. When their hopes are derailed by a technicality, fellow immigrant Alex Margolis calls his own future into question with an unexpected act of heroism. Uncle Alex provides a glimpse into an experience that has shaped the core of this country.

Classical FX's Tenor, Tim Augustin

Classical FX Tenor,
Tim Augustin